Christmas is Coming!!

See the source imageHi Everyone!

Christmas is coming and getting closer. Milo is rambunctious today! All of a sudden he spotted a pack of gum on the table. He hopped up and took his one paw like a hockey player hitting a puck and it went flying to the floor. Of course Milo went flying so he could keep playing hockey with the gum.  For some reason Milo loves to play hockey with his paw with stuff, no matter what it is.

Right now he is roaming around looking at things to knock over because I’m on the computer and not giving him much attention. OOPS! There goes my stuff off my filing bin.See the source image

Warning Milo is in a hockey playing mood today!Milo CHP 2017

Let me go looking to see what ended up on the floor this time!

Have a great day! Hope girl-detective-clipart cat-1

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