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Daily Prompt: Underdog

Underdog Underdog shine

Hi Everyone!
Do you remember the cartoon and comic UNDERDOG?
Do you remember what he said when going to save someone or stop a villain?

Underdog flying





Sweet Polly Sweet Polly

simon-bar-sinisterSimon Bar Sinister

Riff Raff Riff Raff

Switchboard_cartoon_300Have a great day! Hope

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PS: “There is no need to fear! Underdog is here!”


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Daily Prompt: Clutch

Clutch yammi-banana-icon

Hi Everyone!

banana_3I was clutching my banana so hard so no one would snatch it, the skin popped open and the banana went flying into the air.

Hope: Black Friday stores some people go really, really bonkers.
Abby: Yep I know what you mean. On the second floor of discount store I was in two (2) women were fighting over a black, red, yellow, purple dish cloth.

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Hope: Did you say or do anything?
Abby: Are you kidding? I stood around and watched like the other people, until security personnel came and broke them up.
Hope: So what happened to the lovely color dish cloth?
See the source imageAbby: They ripped it in half. You should have seen the look on their faces. Hey wait I took a picture. angry-lady-teacher-clipart-dAJcqK-clipart       omg stress
They both have to pay for it, plus can not come back to the store for six (6) months.

Have a great day! Hope

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