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Daily Prompt: Gingerly

Gingerlyย Blue-Cat

Hi Everyone!

dancersWOW! That couple is gingerly dancing around the new dance floor.

Move it! Move it! Hey Instructor! Remember our age 100+ before we break something.

Abby: Hope I swear you are part bloodhound.ย hound dog
Hope: What do you mean?
Abby: You are always so strangely about things.
Hope: Don’t you think I’m more like Sherlock Holmes or better yet Miss Marple miss Marple, Jane Tennison Jane Tennison, Precious Ramotswe The #1 Ladies Detective Agency #1 ladies det agency.
Abby: Well let’s see due to your age I’ll go with Miss Marple.
Hope: You are so funny!

Have a great day! Hopeย 1395937757905847836fantasy fairy socks sitting red-hi

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