Daily Prompt: Dancing


Hi Everyone!

Do you like and/or love to dance?
How about watching on TV?png_couple_dancing_cartoon
Hmm! How about going to a movie that is mainly dancing?
png_kid-53108-040Did you ever take dance lessons as a child?

Me I would love to dance when I see others. They make it look so easy. dancers
Me two (2) left feet on certain days, then two (2) right feet on others.
Me I did have dance lessons when I was a child. It was a struggle for my size, but I did it. 

When I hear music, I start moving.
betty_boop_clipart13Don’t get scared – I’m in the house not outside.
But you know at my age anything goes.

Remember no matter what age you are, just as long as you do things with respect to yourself and others go for it. You know people will give you the look, but that’s what you expect – right?

Have a great day! Hope flamingo dancer

Clip art from Bing.com & Graphics Factory.com

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