Daily Prompt: Snippet

Snippet  Hi Everyone! When you tell your hair stylist you only want two (2) inches of hair cut, do you get nervous they may take four (4) inches instead? You are comfortable when they are washing your hair. Comfortable when doing the towel drying. Comfortable when sitting down in their chair. Comfortable as they comb … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Snippet

Daily Prompt: One- Way

One-Way Hi Everyone! Sir! Sir! You're going the wrong way! He gives me the finger. Nice guy. Miss! Miss! You're going the wrong way! She gives me the finger. Nice gal. As I walked down the street to the corner, there is my partner handing out tickets to both the nice guy and nice gal. … Continue reading Daily Prompt: One- Way

Daily Prompt: Bite

Bite  Hi Everyone! Huge bite.  Medium bite. Small bite.  Which one do you have?  Have you ever counted the number of bites you take in one (1) minute?  When biting your food, does it depend on "WHAT" you're eating?  YUM!!!! Have a great day! Hope  Clip Art from Bing.com & Graphics Factory.com    

Daily Prompt: Knit

Knit   Hi Everyone! WOW! Now this is a word I can handle.  I love knitting all different colors, patterns, stitches. That's as long as they are beginner, intermediate. I try to learn a new stitch every couple of weeks. Let me tell you there are a lot of stitches out in the world. Not only … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Knit

Daily Prompt: Underdog

Underdog  Hi Everyone! Do you remember the cartoon and comic UNDERDOG? Do you remember what he said when going to save someone or stop a villain?          Sweet Polly Simon Bar Sinister Riff Raff  Have a great day! Hope Clip Art from Bing.com or Graphics Factory.com PS: "There is no need to … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Underdog

Daily Prompt: Clutch

Clutch  Hi Everyone! I was clutching my banana so hard so no one would snatch it, the skin popped open and the banana went flying into the air. Hope: Black Friday stores some people go really, really bonkers. Abby: Yep I know what you mean. On the second floor of discount store I was in … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Clutch

Daily Prompt: Mercy

Mercy   Hi Everyone! You are invited to your mom's, in-laws, aunt, friends house for the holidays.Just by driving up to their residence you can tell the love they have for this Thanksgiving Day. Your host welcomes you with open arms.  When you walk in you smell the aromas of turkey, ham, stuffing, pies, hot spice … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Mercy

Daily Prompt: Gremlins

Gremlins Happy Thanksgiving! Hi Everyone! Hope: What do you mean there are gremlins? Abby:You haven't noticed them?  Hope:Uh oh! I just saw one. So now what do I do? Abby: I have no idea! Hope:What do you mean you have no idea!!!! Abby: You could take a picture so everyone you tell about your gremlins, they … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Gremlins

Daily Prompt: Neophyte

Neophyte  Hi Everyone! Did you know Neophyte is a quiet mutant that works with Magneto? Magneto followers are known as Acolytes. They are part of Marvel Comics.  Panel from uncanny X-Men 300 Here come the new Neophytes or should I say the new apprentices. Hopefully at least 2 of them will stay once they find out … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Neophyte

Daily Prompt: Strut

Strut  Hi Everyone! What a strut! Look at that girl swagger back and forth down the path. Everyone is just watching her pompous movement as she steps up to the winner's circle to receive her trophy, winning the "Proud Derby".  Have a great day! Hope  Clip art from Bing.com Definition information from The Free Dictionary.com