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Daily Prompt: Identity


Hi Everyone!

What does identity mean to you?

  • Isaac MaimonPicture of you (it’s me! The one and only!)ย 
  • Drivers license to prove our are approved to drive (not that you know how to drive)jpg_transportation009
  • png_gymnatics_cartoon_girl_black_and_whitePeculiar in your ways (Yes I am)
  • Unique, you enter a room throw up your arms and announce “here I am darlings!!!!” (Ahh! Where is everyone?)Working-woman-clipart-clipart-club

I have said for eons “you were born as an individual,ย  you don’t need to be like someone else”.ย 

business womenHave a great day! Hopeย 

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Halloween is coming! 7 more days!

Halloween is coming!

7 more days!

Milo is getting a little closer – I think!

Milo baseball cap

I keep on reminding Milo, Halloween will be here before we know it.

  • Hmm! I wonder if all “Domestic Short Hair” cats are like Milo?
  • Ahh! No Way! They all have different personalities!


witchHave a great day! Hope

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