Daily Prompt: Focused


Hi Everyone!

Have you ever had one of those days where you keep trying to focus on what you have to do?

OldDesignShop_LadiesEveningGowns1891Focused? What? Say that again. Focused!! That’s the best clarity I can get with such an old black and white photo.

  • eyes-with-glasses-cartoon-granny_smith_false_awake_eyes_glasses_by_atnezau-d4ltbndMe: I definitely need new glasses.
  • Abby: What’s wrong with them?
  • Me: Top vision no focus, center vision no focus, bottom vision no focus. How am I going to get a bull’s eye in the dart game tonight?darts
  • Abby: Well I suggest for your bull’s eye, you should clean that goofy film off you glasses!!!!

lady-with-binoculars-hiHave a great day! Hope

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