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Daily Prompt: Planet


Hi Everyone!

  • Abby: Have you seen Nins today?
  • Me: No. I did see her yesterday.
  • unusual flower 3Abby: She’s from another planet.
  • Me: Ah! You mean she acts like she’s from another plant, right?
  • Abby: NO! She is from another planet. I’m not kidding you. I happen to see her in a mirror and she actually took her face off and ????unusual flower 4
  • Me: Abby are you okay? Come on Abby, take a sip of water. Let me get a damp cloth for you forehead. Here you go, how do you feel now?
  • Abby: I need a triple martini with twenty (20) olives, instead of water!
  • Me: So what did you see?
  • Abby: Here’s a picture – enjoy! lily2
  • Me: Wait! That’s Yvonne DeCarlo from the Munsters. She’s a famous actress and she played in many movies, not just the Munsters.
    • Now if you saw this face fred_gwynne2 on Nins, then I would have to agree.
  • Abby: Wait! You need glasses. That’s Fred Gwynne from the Munsters. He’s a famous actor and played in many movies, not just the Munsters.

unusual flower 5It’s not the looks of a person in this world or any other world (planet), it’s what inside the person that counts.

unusual flowerHave a great day! Hope 

PS: Halloween is just around the corner.

  • Definition help from The Free
  • Pictures from & Graphics



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