Daily Prompt: Launch


Hi Everyone!

Come on everyone! Take ten (10) deep breaths! Now launch those smiles!

Here we are again! At the launch pad behind Welsh, Middleton & Welsh, LLC store. We sure have a lot of rockets ready to launch. Both boys and girls entered this year.

Do you remember who launched that spear in the old, old, gladiator movie?

jpg_windserfer3Miniature boat race today on Welsh, Middleton & Welsh, LLC pond right to the left of the store. These boats or should say ships replicate the regular size ships used everyday. Now is everyone ready? Start your propellers! Send off!

  • Me: I was walking through the store one day and all of a sudden something hit my nose. 
  • Abby: Wow! What hit it? Were you hurt?
  • Me: Sorry I meant a strange smell in the air. png_Skunk_1_in_colorWhen I got closer to the women’s department, I noticed HERSpeciality had launched a new scent. All I have to say is this scent – reeked, reeked, reeked. 

Have a great day! HopeIsaac Maimon

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