Daily Prompt: Sympathy

Sympathy Hi Everyone! Have you ever met a person that didn't have any compassion when someone; gets injured, heart crushed by a loved one,ย  lose someone that has been sick, in an accident, killed, murdered, lost in the line of duty? I have and it's sad the way they act. And what's even worse is … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Sympathy

Daily Prompt: Recreate

Recreate Hi Everyone! Have you ever recreated?ย  Yes you! So what have you recreated in the past? Do you have plans for entertainment in the future? Do you like to recreate on a moment's notice?ย  You want me to answer first? Okay. Amused Entertained Regaledย  Refreshed Divert Now it's your turn! Have a great day! … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Recreate