Daily Prompt: Thorny

Thornycactus flowers

Hi Everyone!

WATCH OUT! The rosy area is full of thorns, from tiny to huge!

You know you’re a thorn in my side at times.

Have you every had a prickly pear! Prickly_pear_cactus_beedIt has tiny thorns on it but once you peel them they are sweet especially the red ones.

  • Me: They’re at it again!
  • Abby: Who?
  • Me: Madeline & Lucy. Very unpleasant!
  • Abby: Did you hear what they were arguing about this time?
  • Me: Madeline is putting up a new fence. She had the conveyor come out and measure. He found that Lucy has her fence on one foot (1) foot of Madeline’s acre.
  • Abby: You have to be kidding one (1) foot?
  • barbed-armband-wireMe: Nope. Madeline’s thinking of using barb wire to guard her rose garden. I thought she was joking, but she had thorns coming out of her eyes when I mentioned Lucy.

Have a great day! Hope roses-and-thorns-heart


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