Daily Prompt: Critical, Continue, Priceless

newspaper boyCritical  Continue  Priceless

Hi Everyone! I’m trying to catch up for September, so trying something new.

  • 13125778131634500184Angry-Woman.svg_.hi-www.clker_.com_Me: Hurry, hurry, hurry Harry before we lose. It’s critical and has top priority. We don’t have much time.
  • 142-Angry-Guy-Throwing-Temper-Tantrum-Free-Retro-Clipart-IllustrationHarry: I know, they know, we’re doing the best as we can! We consider this very critical to everyone’s reading.
  • Me: We can’t stop. Everyone has to continue what they are doing.
  • png_10872-Royalty-Free-RF-Clipart-Scared-Cartoon-Funny-Face-With-Panic-Expression-Vector-With-Blue-BackgroundHarry: Hope we know that! Everyone for the past ten (10) hours has been continuing working every minute.
  • Me: Look it’s working! I can’t believe I am speechless.
  • Harry: Those words are priceless to me and everyone here.
  • Me: Harry and everyone that worked on the 0561_antique-printing-press-machine-victorian-era-free-vintage-clip-artprinting press are priceless for a job well done.
  • Now let’s get the news out. 
  • Harry: Thank you Hope, we appreciate the support!
  • Me: For all the effort, sweat, hours put in a bonus to all. And 13125778131634500184Angry-Woman.svg_.hi-www.clker_.com_you might be surprised!
  • Harry: WOW! PRICELESS! 


woman writer desk2Have a great day! Hope

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