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Daily Prompt: Magnetic

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Hi everyone!

Are you magnetic? What I mean is when you walk into a room and your magnetism draws everyone to you. png_Smiling-Little-Yeti-Cartoon-Mascot-Character-With-Open-Arms-For-Hugging-With-Hearts-Vector

How many magnets do you have on your refrigerator?
How many notes are under one of your magnet’s?
Do you always pick up a magnet of each state or city you go to as a remembrance?

This may sound weird but besides magnets do you, yourself draw stuff to you? Like me it could be a nice day, ready to eat outside at a cook out and as soon as I sit down, the hornets and bees come flying in. cartoon-bee 3To say the least I do not eat outside anymore.

woman writer desk2Have a great day! Hope

Author: Hope

Retired in 2015, lived in Chicago, IL all my life. Don't forget to recycle!

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