Daily Prompt: Rhyme

Rhyme Hi everyone! First a "rhyme" is a poem, verse, ode, song, ditty (song, vocal), metrical composition. Second the phrase "rhyme or reason" is sense, meaning, plan, planning, method, system, pattern, logic. Let's do a little rhyming! Take a word and see how many words you get. Lime, mime, time, tame, mane, chime, climb, grime, … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Rhyme

Daily Prompt: Magnetic

Magnetic Hi everyone! Are you magnetic? What I mean is when you walk into a room and your magnetism draws everyone to you.  How many magnets do you have on your refrigerator? How many notes are under one of your magnet's? Do you always pick up a magnet of each state or city you go … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Magnetic

Daily Prompt: Ooze

Ooze  Hi everyone! What a word! Hmmm! Really have to think about this one. It sounds kind of gross, don't you think? You also maybe asking is "ooze" and "slime" the same? The answer is not really. Here is what Wikidiff.com says: "As nouns the difference between ooze and slime is that ooze is potion of vegetable matter used for … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Ooze

Daily Prompt: Lurch

Lurch Hi everyone! I remember the good old days with Lurch! Do you remember? He took good care of the Addams Family. Remember? How about this one?    Or this one?  OR this one? How about this one?  Have a great day! Hope Pictures from Bing.com