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Daily Prompt: Planet


Hi Everyone!

  • Abby: Have you seen Nins today?
  • Me: No. I did see her yesterday.
  • unusual flower 3Abby: She’s from another planet.
  • Me: Ah! You mean she acts like she’s from another plant, right?
  • Abby: NO! She is from another planet. I’m not kidding you. I happen to see her in a mirror and she actually took her face off and ????unusual flower 4
  • Me: Abby are you okay? Come on Abby, take a sip of water. Let me get a damp cloth for you forehead. Here you go, how do you feel now?
  • Abby: I need a triple martini with twenty (20) olives, instead of water!
  • Me: So what did you see?
  • Abby: Here’s a picture – enjoy! lily2
  • Me: Wait! That’s Yvonne DeCarlo from the Munsters. She’s a famous actress and she played in many movies, not just the Munsters.
    • Now if you saw this face fred_gwynne2 on Nins, then I would have to agree.
  • Abby: Wait! You need glasses. That’s Fred Gwynne from the Munsters. He’s a famous actor and played in many movies, not just the Munsters.

unusual flower 5It’s not the looks of a person in this world or any other world (planet), it’s what inside the person that counts.

unusual flowerHave a great day! Hope 

PS: Halloween is just around the corner.

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Daily Prompt: Launch


Hi Everyone!

Come on everyone! Take ten (10) deep breaths! Now launch those smiles!

Here we are again! At the launch pad behind Welsh, Middleton & Welsh, LLC store. We sure have a lot of rockets ready to launch. Both boys and girls entered this year.

Do you remember who launched that spear in the old, old, gladiator movie?

jpg_windserfer3Miniature boat race today on Welsh, Middleton & Welsh, LLC pond right to the left of the store. These boats or should say ships replicate the regular size ships used everyday. Now is everyone ready? Start your propellers! Send off!

  • Me: I was walking through the store one day and all of a sudden something hit my nose. 
  • Abby: Wow! What hit it? Were you hurt?
  • Me: Sorry I meant a strange smell in the air. png_Skunk_1_in_colorWhen I got closer to the women’s department, I noticed HERSpeciality had launched a new scent. All I have to say is this scent – reeked, reeked, reeked. 

Have a great day! HopeIsaac Maimon

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Daily Prompt: Flavorful


Hi Everyone!

What a flavorful, delicious, saporous, word! lollipop6

Do you add more flavor to a food that is served to you?
png_kid-53108-076Does anyone ever ask you why you do that?
Have you ever hadpng_kid-53108-094 a chef come out and make a suggestion to you on how to taste food?

I was always taught, before you even add salt to anything “taste it first”.
Now a days people add salt, pepper, sugar, artificial sweetener, hot sauce, Tabasco sauce, etc, automatically. They don’t even give the food they are served a chance.

To me when it comes to sweet things Cherry_Cake_PNG_ClipartI can’t see why anyone would want to add anything to their favorite flavor.

Just to let you know people do just that.

Different people, different taste, different opinions, different shapes, that’s what makes the world go around! 

transparent-blueberry-ice-cream-sundae-clipart-png-SMLHave a great day! Hope

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Daily Prompt: Sympathy

call lilly 2Sympathy

Hi Everyone!

  • blonde_hmmmHave you ever met a person that didn’t have any compassion when someone;
  • gets injured,
  • heart15heart crushed by a loved one, 
  • lose someone that has been sick,
  • in an accident,
  • killed, murdered, lost in the line of duty?

I have and it’s sad the way they act. And what’s even worse is the family can hear them. And they don’t care if they hear them or not.

After what I heard that, I don’t have any respect for that person. Mad waitress

  • Of course this person is the type that wants sympathy for themselves, no matter what happens to them, including breaking a finger nail.

NO SYMPATHY from me! woman

I may sound harsh to you, but I stand my ground in this incident!!!! 

  • rosie riveterI use my mother’s old saying for them “remember sympathy is between shit and syphilis in the dictionary.” [Miss & wish you were still here MOM!]
  • This an old, old saying from eons ago. If you go to you will find definitions on why people may say those words.
    • “If you want my sympathy look it up in the dictionary it’s between shit and syphilis.”
    • I think this saying is for people who don’t care about others. BUT when it comes to them, you better care about them or else!

Working-woman-clipart-clipart-clubHave a great day! Hope 

PS: Please excuse my language!


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Daily Prompt: Recreate


Hi Everyone!

Have you ever recreated? png_Royalty-Free-RF-Clipart-Illustration-Cute-Penguin-Cartoon-Mascot-Character-Looking-From-A-Corner-With-Speech-Bubble

  • Yes you! So what have you recreated in the past?
  • Do you have plans for entertainment in the future?
  • Do you like to recreate on a moment’s notice? 
  • You want me to answer first? Okay.
    • penguin-lifeguard-hiAmused
    • Entertained
    • Regaled penguin5
    • Refreshed
    • gardening-penguinDivert
  • Now it’s your turn!

Have a great day! Hope Isaac Maimon



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Daily Prompt: Crescendo


Hi Everyone!

Get ready to cover your ears! Here she comes with her opera smlcrescendo part of her aria.  

WOW! Did you see that? The glasses just broke on the server’s tray.Image result for Cracked Wine Glass transparent

  • Abby: You know you have a loud voice, right?
  • Me: Yes I know!
  • Image result for Hamburger Ear MuffsAbby: You’re still to loud.
  • Me: I’ve always said I could call cattle and they would coming galloping home!
  • Abby: The crescendo part of your call is what scares them, to come home.scared_cartoon_lady552-275x300 LOL
  • Me: Thank you so much. You’re lucky we are friends.

The wedding reception was great! At one point, the music they played, the volume got soooo loud, at one point I wished I had my ear plugs. Image result for free clip art hear no evil transparent

Have a great day! Hope

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Daily Prompt: Thorny

Thornycactus flowers

Hi Everyone!

WATCH OUT! The rosy area is full of thorns, from tiny to huge!

You know you’re a thorn in my side at times.

Have you every had a prickly pear! Prickly_pear_cactus_beedIt has tiny thorns on it but once you peel them they are sweet especially the red ones.

  • Me: They’re at it again!
  • Abby: Who?
  • Me: Madeline & Lucy. Very unpleasant!
  • Abby: Did you hear what they were arguing about this time?
  • Me: Madeline is putting up a new fence. She had the conveyor come out and measure. He found that Lucy has her fence on one foot (1) foot of Madeline’s acre.
  • Abby: You have to be kidding one (1) foot?
  • barbed-armband-wireMe: Nope. Madeline’s thinking of using barb wire to guard her rose garden. I thought she was joking, but she had thorns coming out of her eyes when I mentioned Lucy.

Have a great day! Hope roses-and-thorns-heart


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Daily Prompt: Crumb


Hi Everyone!

Hmmm! Let’s see.

The story of Hansel & Gretel, where their father took them in the woods and left them. Hansel left bread crumbs along their trail to find their way back.

  • Have you left crumbs? I don’t mean actual crumbs, now!
  • Mystery plays/movies have clues = crumbs Murder-On-The-Orient-Express I say the butler and maid did it!
  • Hiking in the woods and want to leave a trail. Use pebbles, stones, markings on trees are a form of leaving crumbs so you can find your way back or people are able to find you.
  • Travel.pngCar or phone GPS systems = shows turns, traffic, road repairs, restaurants, entertainment places, etc.

Have a great day! Hope

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