Daily Prompt: Grainy

Grainy Hi Everyone! Grainy to me is when someone offers you a treat they just took out of the oven, and..... NINS: Want to try my new treats? They just came out of the oven, ME: Let me try one, they smell delicious! Took one bite and thought I was eating bird food, it was … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Grainy

Daily Prompt: Willy-Nilly

Willy-nilly Hi everyone! I feel kind of willy-nilly today. How about you? Trying to decide what to do? What to do? What to do? Let's see what do I have to do? Wash and dry clothes Change bed linens Then wash and dry bed linens Cook up some food for dinner Feed Milo, Milo is … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Willy-Nilly

Daily Prompt: Prickle

PrickleΒ  Hello Everyone! Prickle is it a pickle? Aw NO! Is it a nick? If you said NO you are incorrect! Is it a tingle? If you said YES you are CORRECT! Is it a thorn? If you said YES your are CORRECT again! Would you consider it a projection? Hmm! Have to think about … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Prickle