Daily Prompt: Glaring

Glaring Hello Everyone! I could tell this morning it was going to be hot this afternoon with that glaring sun. Those stain glass windows are so clean, you really can't see what the figures are suppose to be the way the sun glares down on them.  Wow! Look at those ornaments they are dazzling. I'm … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Glaring

Daily Prompt: Delivery

Delivery Hello Everyone! Zelda makes the best deliveries in town. Love her new bike! ZELDA: So what's up with your delivery service? ME: What do you mean? ZELDA: I thought you hired that new guy over on Sayre Ave. ME: Yep I did! ZELDA: Well where does he make your deliveries?  ME: Hate to say … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Delivery

Daily Prompt: Organize

Organize Hello Everyone! Organize, organize, organize! I don't know if I like, love, dislike, or really, really, really dislike the word "organize". It seems like the more I organize, the more it gets out of order. Hmmm! Does that make any kind of sense? Almost like the Mad Hatter!  Does anyone out there have an … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Organize

Daily Prompt: Jiffy

Jiffy Hello Everyone! I love Jiffy peanut butter, I love Jiffy popcorn,  Come on! Come on! We have to get to the show in a jiffy before the movie starts. ME: Mable better start moving in a jiffy if she expects to beat Abigail over the next hurdle. ZELDA: Are you kidding me? ME: Mable's … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Jiffy