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Daily Prompt: Gate


Hello Everyone!

How many definitions are there for gate? Let’s see!

  • angel10Gateway to Heaven, “cool”,
  • Gateway to Hell, “hot” – way too “hot” for me, devil-29973_640hope my stay is short,
  • Be nice and hold the gate for our senior neighbors,
  • OM Gosh! Who ran into Mr. Vince’s fence? They really smashed his gate in pieces. It was so beautiful. Colorful_Fence_Transparent_Clip_Art_Image
  • Have you ever heard “gate to riches”?
  • Shoot! I forgot to leave the back gate unlocked for the gardener? Turning around!!
  • We take the portal to the right for Mars, the left one is to Saturn. 
  • revolving doorI never go through a revolving door, have a fear of catching my arm, purse or leg.

How many gates, portals, entrances, barriers, revolving doors have you gone through in your life so far?



Have a great day! Hope woman writer desk2


Retired in 2015, lived in Chicago, IL all my life. Love blogging and knitting. I'm sure people think my blogs are - hmm - "bonkers". I've read there are eight (8) type of writers. Closet writer, eternal writer, hestiant writer, innovative writer, inspired writer, literate writer, logical writer, and last but not least savvy writer. Still trying to figure out what I am. I like to use clip art or photos in my blog. Try to relate the clip art and/or photos to what I am writing. Eight (8) writers information found on Thank you for stopping by!

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