Daily Prompt: Tailor

Tailor sewing machine

By any chance do you have your clothes tailored? Wow! Your tailor does a fabulous job!

By any chance do you have your hair tailored to the style of the decade?vintage2

  • Wow! The color of all your rooms seem to match the color of your garden flowers.
    • Wow! Your kitchen matches your vegetable garden. Great tailoring by your painter or should I say painters!
    • sewing 2OM Gosh! Who did your wine cellar? You have a tailor for everything!




PEGS: Various-sewing-tools-9451-largeHurry! Hurry! We have to get to my tailor before they close!

ME: Which one? Kitchen? Cellar? Dining Room? Master bedroom? Bedroom #2? Bedroom #3? Den? Front room? 

Have a great day! HERS

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