Daily Prompt: Bury

Bury PEGS: Have HOPE & NINS buried the hatchet yet? GRACIE: Nope! I think their are up to hatchet number 3. PEGS: What the heck is their problem? They have been friends for eons. GRACIE:  They are both stubborn. HOPE is like a mule, NINS is like a jackass! Both PEGS & GRACIE can't stop … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Bury

Daily Prompt: Bumble

Bumble  Let me see "bumble" the only thing I can think of is "Bumble Bee". I know we need "bumble" bees to pollinate flowers, fruits, vegetables, and of course honey. For me just as long as the "BB" is a hundred miles away from me I'm find. (this also includes hornets). It seems when I'm … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Bumble

Daily Prompt: Tailor

Tailor  By any chance do you have your clothes tailored? Wow! Your tailor does a fabulous job! By any chance do you have your hair tailored to the style of the decade? Wow! The color of all your rooms seem to match the color of your garden flowers. Wow! Your kitchen matches your vegetable garden. … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Tailor