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Daily Prompt: Illusion


Hello! Hello! Everyone!

penguin-lifeguard-hiI was so drained, thirsty, dry mouth, skin burnt for being in that sun that I had an illusion 10 big life guard hunks came to same me. BOY! What an ILLUSION!!!!penguin5

  • Watch carefully what I’m doing,
  • png_alice-in-wonderland-queen-of-hearts-playing-cardYou pick a card,
  • Look at it, show it to a couple of your friends, put it back in the deck,
  • png_alice-in-wonderland-cheshire-cat-playing-cardWatch, watch, watch! Is this your card?
  • Yes it is!
  • That’s what I call a card illusion.
  • Paint-Splatter-psd107331ME: Went to the art museum to see the latest works of one of my artist friends. All of a sudden I noticed that as I moved away the eyes were following me.Β png_Blimp-cartoon-character-vector-clip-art-image
  • NINS: I think you need new glasses.Β paint splatter
  • png_Rain-CloudME: No I don’t and I don’t think you know an illusion when you see one!
  • NINS: Really! Then why hasn’t anyone else spotted it?happy-eyes-clipart-for-kids-Eyes
  • Paint-Splatter-psd98190ME: They have no imagination like you!!!! Which means you wouldn’t know an illusion even if you saw one.
  • png_Umbrella-vector-clip-art-imageNINS: WELL! You have a lot of nerve. You think you are so smart that, that, that – Oh My Gosh! I just saw the illusion in the painting over there.png_Cookie-vector-clip-art-image
  • png_Shooting-star-vector-clip-art-imageME: GREAT! Now you know what to look for.

Have a great day! HERSΒ 20080121-underwood-typewriter-poster-1920s

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Retired in 2015, lived in Chicago, IL all my life. Love blogging and knitting. I'm sure people think my blogs are - hmm - "bonkers". I've read there are eight (8) type of writers. Closet writer, eternal writer, hestiant writer, innovative writer, inspired writer, literate writer, logical writer, and last but not least savvy writer. Still trying to figure out what I am. I like to use clip art or photos in my blog. Try to relate the clip art and/or photos to what I am writing. Eight (8) writers information found on Thank you for stopping by!

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