Daily Prompt: Volume

Volume gardening-penguin

Hello! Hello! Everyone!

Did you see what happened to Mable when she added that extra teaspoon of baking powder? The volume she got was overwhelming.boiling pot

ME: I’m not getting any volume from my new shampoo.
toothbrush-with-toothpaste-2-by-gustavorezendeNINS: Well maybe it’s because you are using toothpaste instead. LOL! One good thing it smells minty fresh.

Look at the volume of foam on that beer. The mug 3/4 (three-quarters) foam and 1/4 (quarter beer).beer-304758_640

How many volumes have you read in “The Gabriel Sisters” series by Lyn Cote? ISBN: 9780373828494

retrowomanHave a great day! HERS

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