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Daily Prompt: Revelation


Hello! Hello! Everyone!

WOW! I just had a revelation on a new daily prompt to write. 0b676-girl_1_writer_auburn

11949852851552968440vestito_rosa-svg-hiNice dress, a little too revealing for me. No back, low, low front, two little straps holding it up, and talk about the skirt section. You can’t bend over that is for sure.

jcxEg6aaiSo what’s happening today. Anything new and revealing about the movie stars?

  • Did you hear PEGS reveal what see saw in her bedroom when she walked in?
    • A raccoon sleeping in the middle of her bed. raccoon2
      • clipart-cool-girl-call-me-smiley-emoticon-512x512-67deAw! Come on now – what were you thinking? 

retrowomanHave a great day! HERS


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Daily Prompt: Tender


Hello! Hello! Everyone! Happy Friday!

music-notes-clip-art-png-MUSICDo you remember the song by Elvis Presley – Love Me Tender? That was a beautiful song.

Have you tasted the new chicken tenders Mable made? Recipe not too good.waitress

  • jpg_dragon010yyME: I was crying with all the tender moments in the movie. What about you?
  • PEGS: Me too. I used all the tissue from my little packet. 


New mothers have that tender look with their boy

OM Gosh! That chicken should be tender by now. When you poke it, the skin doesn’t even move. Plus it’s been cooking for four (4) hours. I think “tough” is better than “tender”. Hurry get in the kitchen, I smell smoke.png_thoughtbubble148

retrowomanHave a great day! HERS 


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Daily Prompt: Crisp


Hello! Hello! Everyone!

Dogwood Dogwoood – durability

Today the weather is crisp and sharp! Enjoy it before the heat comes.

Have you every had a “honeycrisp” apple? They are delicious.

Have you ever made an “apple crisp”? apple crisp

WOW! My sheets smell and feel so crisp after hanging them out in the yard.

  • ME: Make sure you iron your sleeves very carefully, you want them to stand out, crisp to the touch! Watch out!
  • NINS: Sorry I was trying to watch the new neighbors moving in next door.
  • ME: Yes I can see that.
  • NINS: Hey not too bad! That iron mark looks cute, with the little holes going around. 
  • ME: Okay then, why don’t you turn your iron around then match up where the other holes end. Then you will have a complete circle.
  • NINS: Let’s not carried away!



Did you taste the brittle Mable made? It’s so smooth and tons of pecans.

I love that song! It’s so crisp and keeps you moving. Good tune to exercise with.

 Have a great day! HERS