Daily Prompt: Revelation

Revelation Hello! Hello! Everyone! WOW! I just had a revelation on a new daily prompt to write.ย  Nice dress, a little too revealing for me. No back, low, low front, two little straps holding it up, and talk about the skirt section. You can't bend over that is for sure. So what's happening today. Anything … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Revelation

Daily Prompt: Tender

Tenderย  Hello! Hello! Everyone! Happy Friday! Do you remember the song by Elvis Presley - Love Me Tender? That was a beautiful song. Have you tasted the new chicken tenders Mable made? Recipe not too good. ME: I was crying with all the tender moments in the movie. What about you? PEGS: Me too. I … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Tender

Daily Prompt: Crisp

Crisp Hello! Hello! Everyone! ย Dogwoood - durability Today the weather is crisp and sharp! Enjoy it before the heat comes. Have you every had a "honeycrisp" apple? They are delicious. Have you ever made an "apple crisp"?ย  WOW! My sheets smell and feel so crisp after hanging them out in the yard. ME: Make sure … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Crisp