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Daily Prompt: Brassy

Brassy Mad waitress

Hello! Hello! Everyone!

Brassy can also be spelled as brassie, I didn’t know that. Did you know that?

Wow! Did you hear the brass section of the new orchestra?png_CincoDeMayo-025

  • ME: She sure is brassy with people.
  • NINS: She will never receive any type of good tips from her customers. She should be more like Ezzie! waitress
    • ME: You can say that
  • ME: They repainted their fence, but I have no idea what color it is.
  • PEGS: It’s called brassy. It just came out. To tell you the truth, it’s driving me nuts to look at.
  • ME: Why?Wooden_Garden_Fence_with_Grass_PNG_Clipart
  • PEGS: Can’t you see it sparkles like glitter? YECH!

broochLook at the new style of jewelry she is making. To me it’s really, really, BRASSY!!!!

Have a great day! HERS retrowoman

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Daily Prompt: Survive

Survive png_cartoon_hiker_on_top_of_a_mountain

What have you survived lately?

  • Me climbing to the top of the that big custard filled role
  • png_alice-in-wonderland-cheshire-catMe survived seeing finale of my favorite TV program
  • Me survived the past winter, luckily it wasn’t too bad summer-sun-clipart-Summer-Clip-Art-112
  • dollarMe survived paying my taxes this year
  • Me survived celebrating my 70th birthday last year 2075976120-twotierbirthdaycakeblue

Have a great day! HERS retrowoman

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