Daily Prompt: Brassy

Brassyย  Hello! Hello! Everyone! Brassy can also be spelled as brassie, I didn't know that. Did you know that? Wow! Did you hear the brass section of the new orchestra? ME: She sure is brassy with people. NINS: She will never receive any type of good tips from her customers. She should be more like … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Brassy

Daily Prompt: Detonate

Detonate Hello! Hello! Everyone! Due to what is going on in the world including Chicago, IL USA where I live, I can't write about this word. Remember those that have been lost. AMEN! HERSย  Pictures from Bing.com & Graphics Factory.com    

Daily Prompt: Survive

Surviveย  What have you survived lately? Me climbing to the top of the that big custard filled role Me survived seeing finale of my favorite TV program Me survived the past winter, luckily it wasn't too badย  Me survived paying my taxes this year Me survived celebrating my 70th birthday last yearย  Have a great … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Survive