Daily Prompt: Trace

Trace Hello! Hello! Look! These are the foot prints with trace amounts of sand, gravel, loam we have been looking for. Did you ever wonder if someone is tracing your phone? OM Gosh! There it is! Do you see it! It's only a trace, but we found it. I feel a trace of resentment from … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Trace

Daily Prompt: Portion

Portionย  Hello! Hello! Everyone! Happy June 1, 2017. WOW! We have reached the half way point of 2017. I heard today it's considered beginning of meteorological summer 2017, according to our weather man here (Chicago, IL USA). Farmer's Almanac says it is June 21, 2017 Summer Solstice. ย We usually go by Solstice for Spring, Summer, … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Portion