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Daily Prompt: Trace


Hello! Hello!

  • spying-girl_3Look! These are the foot prints with trace amounts of sand, gravel, loam we have been looking for.
  • Did you ever wonder if someone is tracing your phone?retrowoman
  • bubbling-test-tube-clipart-test_tubes_iart_Vector_ClipartOM Gosh! There it is! Do you see it! It’s only a trace, but we found it.
  • I feel a trace of resentment from him 142-Angry-Guy-Throwing-Temper-Tantrum-Free-Retro-Clipart-Illustration
  • png_photo-camera-vintage-1900-vector-art-GFYou know what’s so much fun is to use tracing paper and just trace the sections you want to use in your picture.

Have a great day! HERS summer-sun-clipart-Summer-Clip-Art-112

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Daily Prompt: Portion

Portion banana-split-clip-art

Hello! Hello! Everyone! Happy June 1, 2017. WOW! We have reached the half way point of 2017.

I heard today it’s considered beginning of meteorological summer 2017, according to our weather manFree-weather-clip-art-by-phillip-martin-barometer-and-thermometer here (Chicago, IL USA). Farmer’s Almanac says it is June 21, 2017 Summer Solstice.  We usually go by Solstice for Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter.

Portion is a part of something. 

  • healthy-food-clip-art-251547Have you heard of “portion” control? I think the hold world has. 
  • Did you see the portion of each slice of watermelon?watermelon7
  • iced-tea-clipart-iced_teaI said “just a little ice in my ice tea”. Look at the little ice portion, it’s a full glass. I guess some people just don’t know portion sizes.
  • Warning that new restaurant is pricey and the portions are super small. 
  • dollarAccording to what the dollar is worth, the portion is almost zero

 Calla Lily means Sophistication, beauty. What do you think?

Have a great day! HERS summer-sun-clipart-Summer-Clip-Art-112