Daily Prompt: Paper

Paper Hello! Hello! Everyone! Let me think about this one!!!! What is paper? Well it comes from trees, used for - - - wait, wait we all know that. Below is a little more information. Enjoy! http://www.paperonline.org/home/what-is-paper Paper is an incredibly versatile substance made from naturally occurring plant fibres called cellulose. Originally derived from cloth … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Paper

Daily Prompt: Commit

Commit Hello! Hello! Everyone! Have you ever committed to volunteer and then you quit before you get started? Look over there! Someone is breaking into that car. Do you or your friend feel committed to call the police? Did you finally commit to paint your fence this year? ME: Guess who finally decided to commit … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Commit

Daily Prompt: Illusion

Illusion Hello! Hello! Everyone! I was so drained, thirsty, dry mouth, skin burnt for being in that sun that I had an illusion 10 big life guard hunks came to same me. BOY! What an ILLUSION!!!! Watch carefully what I'm doing, You pick a card, Look at it, show it to a couple of your … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Illusion

Daily Prompt: Paragon

Paragon Hello! Hello! Everyone! I needed some help on this word, so went to The Free Dictionary.com. So let's see if I did a good job! "Paragon" (comics) is the code name used by three unrelated fictional characters from Marvel Comics. Ā Information from The Free Dictionary.com, encyclopedia section. Paragon (Maya) is a fictional character from … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Paragon

Daily Prompt: Loop

LoopĀ  Hello! Hello! Everyone! Have you seen the movieĀ Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children?Ā  As soon as I saw the word for today, this movie was the first thing I thought of. Why? To be safe they live in a loop. They relive the same day, after day, after day. Which is sad, but they … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Loop

Daily Prompt: Puncture

Puncture Hello! Hello! Everyone! Did you hear that noise? I thought a car got hit, but the tire got puncture when it drove over that pile of glass that fell off the truck. Now very carefully hold the can with that round tool over there. Then take that long thing, put it on the top, … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Puncture

Daily Prompt: Taper

Taper Hello! Hello! Everyone! So what do you think about the word taper? Lovely tapered candles on her dinner table. What else can be taper or tapered or tapering? Your figure, Your nose, A silhouette picture of yourself that's been air brushed. And I do mean air brushed. Your tailor always tapers your new pants,Ā  … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Taper

Daily Prompt: Volume

VolumeĀ  Hello! Hello! Everyone! Did you see what happened to Mable when she added that extra teaspoon of baking powder? The volume she got was overwhelming. ME: I'm not getting any volume from my new shampoo. NINS: Well maybe it's because you are using toothpaste instead. LOL! One good thing it smells minty fresh. Look … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Volume

Daily Prompt: Revelation

Revelation Hello! Hello! Everyone! WOW! I just had a revelation on a new daily prompt to write.Ā  Nice dress, a little too revealing for me. No back, low, low front, two little straps holding it up, and talk about the skirt section. You can't bend over that is for sure. So what's happening today. Anything … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Revelation