Daily Prompt: Impression

ย Impressionย  Hello! Hello! Does a unicorn make an impression for you? Do male superheros make more of an impression on you?ย  ย Do female superheros make more of an impression on you? What Star Wars Characterย made the most impression on you?ย  Who made the most impression on you for dancing contest?ย  ย What an impressive cake for … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Impression

Daily Prompt: Catapult

Catapult Hello! Hello! Watch out! Their catapulting marshmallows our way!ย  Watch out! I'm catapulting my heart to you! Watch out! Look up in the sky, what is the red team catapulting to our blue team! Yech! Red, white and blue paint balls. That's okay it's Memorial Day!ย  Watch out! They're loading watermelon on their catapult. … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Catapult