Daily Prompt: Precipice

Precipice Hello! Hello! You have to be totally "bonkers" to precipice these cliffs.Β  Did you see how high they are going? I don't have the guts to precipice up that crag at my age, or even in my younger years eons ago.Β  That's enough of precipice for me today, getting dizzy just writing about it. … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Precipice

Daily Prompt: Farce

FarceΒ  Hello! Hello! Did you hear his and her speeches? What a farce! Did you go to Dolly's play? She's really a good writer. She had enough farce going on in the play that everyone was laughing.Β  HOPE: How did you like my farce meat? It was a new recipe I found online. NINS: Wellllll! … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Farce

Daily Prompt: Notorious

Notorious Hello! Hello! Notorious people of the "Wild West":Β  Billy The Kid - Notorious outlaw of the Wild West Seth Bullock - uncompromising lawman &Β Best Mustached in the West Davy Crockett - King of the Wild Frontier Annie Oakley - excellent sharpshooter & star in "Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show" Notorious people of the "Prohibition … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Notorious