Daily Prompt: Impression

¬†Impression¬† Hello! Hello! Does a unicorn make an impression for you? Do male superheros make more of an impression on you?¬† ¬†Do female superheros make more of an impression on you? What Star Wars Character¬†made the most impression on you?¬† Who made the most impression on you for dancing contest?¬† ¬†What an impressive cake for … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Impression

Daily Prompt: Catapult

Catapult Hello! Hello! Watch out! Their catapulting marshmallows our way!¬† Watch out! I'm catapulting my heart to you! Watch out! Look up in the sky, what is the red team catapulting to our blue team! Yech! Red, white and blue paint balls. That's okay it's Memorial Day!¬† Watch out! They're loading watermelon on their catapult. … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Catapult

Daily Prompt: Precipice

Precipice Hello! Hello! You have to be totally "bonkers" to precipice these cliffs.¬† Did you see how high they are going? I don't have the guts to precipice up that crag at my age, or even in my younger years eons ago.¬† That's enough of precipice for me today, getting dizzy just writing about it. … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Precipice

Daily Prompt: Farce

Farce¬† Hello! Hello! Did you hear his and her speeches? What a farce! Did you go to Dolly's play? She's really a good writer. She had enough farce going on in the play that everyone was laughing.¬† HOPE: How did you like my farce meat? It was a new recipe I found online. NINS: Wellllll! … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Farce

Daily Prompt: Notorious

Notorious Hello! Hello! Notorious people of the "Wild West":¬† Billy The Kid - Notorious outlaw of the Wild West Seth Bullock - uncompromising lawman &¬†Best Mustached in the West Davy Crockett - King of the Wild Frontier Annie Oakley - excellent sharpshooter & star in "Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show" Notorious people of the "Prohibition … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Notorious

Daily Prompt: Descend

Descend¬† Hello! Hello!¬† FYI:¬†¬†Almond Tree - hope, awakening. Have you noticed how Gertrude descends the stairs in her new dress? ME: Watch out! The vase is descending from the third floor window and will be here before you "CRASH". NINS: You were right on this vase and how fast it was descending!     How … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Descend

Daily Prompt: Unmoored

Unmoored Hello! Hello! Hope you had a great weekend! Let me think - what the heck is unmoored? Heading for the dictionary. Ah ha! Just what I thought! Release the ties from the dock to the¬†ship, only the anchor is holding the ship. And that's all I have to save about this one. Have a … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Unmoored

Daily Prompt: Adrift

Adrift¬† Hello! Hello! Happy Monday! The weather here (Chicago, IL USA) is finally getting warmer. Hopefully by Memorial Day it will stay warm to go swimming in the pool, at the beaches, or the lakes. I love to drift around in the pool, have my hands and feet dangling over the water character I use.¬† … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Adrift

Daily Prompt: Pursue

Pursue¬† Hi everyone! Hope all is well. What courses are you going to pursue this term before you start your MBA? Look at the magpie!¬†He keeps pursuing that poor worm, but ends up with another creature instead to eat. Stop! Stop! Stop! Pursuing me!!!! Said the fly to the spider. Are you going to pursue … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Pursue

Daily Prompt: Temporary

Temporary Hi Everyone! Hope all is well. Do you have a lot of "temporary" things going on in your life? to do list "temporary" hmmmm! To do lists can go on forever I'm only going to run the ad for five (5) days This washer is only a temporary one until they can get a … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Temporary