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Daily Prompt: Gray

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Hi everyone! Hope all is well. Happy Friday! png_alice-in-wonderland-queen-of-hearts-playing-card

Gray or Grey – that is the question?

They both have the same meanings:

  • of the color, gray
  • happy-eyes-clipart-for-kids-Eyestending toward gray, blue-gray eyes, dull in color
  • having the hair gray: hoary
  • clothed in gray
  • lacking cheer or brightness in mood, outlook, style, or flavor;also : dismalgloomy a gray day header
  • prosaically ordinary:  dulluninteresting the boring, gray dullness of government — P. J. O’Rourke
  • 142-Angry-Guy-Throwing-Temper-Tantrum-Free-Retro-Clipart-Illustrationhaving an intermediate and often vaguely defined position, condition, or character an ethically gray area

All I have to say is the weather here in Chicago, IL USA, has changed from sunny to gray or grey depending on which way you like to spell it.

Have a great day! HERS 20080121-underwood-typewriter-poster-1920s

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Author: Hope

Retired in 2015, lived in Chicago, IL all my life. Don't forget to recycle!

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