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Daily Prompt: Chuckle

Chuckle png_Cute-Little-Yeti-Cartoon-Mascot-Character-Waving-For-Greeting-With-Speech-Bubble-And-Text-Yo-Vector

Hi Everyone! Hope all is well.

png_soccer-ball-faceless-cartoon-mascot-character-using-a-megaphone-vector-illustration-isolated-on-white-backgroundOh my gosh! Did you hear all the children chuckling when that clown jumped on the trampoline?

The chuckle of the day is: You fill in the blank – have fun!

ME: Did you hear those ladies in the movie theater? 
NINS: Yes they sounded like crackling hens, instead of chuckling at the jokes.
ME: You know what their crackling was making me laugh more at the jokes than the comedian saying them.
NINS: I agreed. Do you think we sound like them?
ME: Hmmmm I wonder. 1920-women

MARGO: Do you know what chucklehead means?
ME: Yes I do – “stupid” & yes I’m the chucklehead that ordered 500 instead of 250 of bubble bottlespng_Bubbles-vector-clip-art-image.png for Nin’s birthday.

Have a great day! HERS 20080121-underwood-typewriter-poster-1920s

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Daily Prompt: Opaque


Hi Everyone! Hope all is well.

Opaque what a word to write about. Well let me get started.

  • 13125778131634500184Angry-Woman.svg_.hi-www.clker_.com_Here’s our forecast for today murky,
  • Forecast for tomorrow cloudy,
  • angry-face-girl-clip-art-image-angry-face-of-a-little-girl-with-zgEnn0-clipartForecast for the Wednesday hazy,
  • Forecast for Thursday visibility 1 foot if we’re lucky,
  • Forecast for Friday clouds will be more transparent,
  • png_12903_rf_clipart_illustration_happy_smiling_sun_cartoon_characterForecast for Saturday it’s getting clear,
  • jpg_smiling-sun-cartoon-mascot-character-with-sunglasses-giving-a-thumbs-up-vector-illustration-isolated-on-white-backgroundForecast for Sunday – Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! It’ totally CLEAR! Hello sun!

Have a great day! HERS 20080121-underwood-typewriter-poster-1920s

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