Daily Prompt: Jolt


Hi Everyone! Hope all is well.

jolt-energy-drink-power-cola-355-ml-usaDo you remember Jolt Cola?

Take a look at this website https://javajoltcoffeehouse.wordpress.com/ Java Jolt coffee
From WebMD.com Your Daily Coffee Just Might Jolt Your Memory.

Have you ever had Jolt Coffee? For an adventure go to

http://joltscoffee.com/. There are two (2) places in Canada and two (2) places in Idaho. Plastic_Coffee_Cup_PNG_Clipart_Image
Do you or did you have Transformer Jolt? Jolt-the-transformers-36948462-300-399


WOW! Had my coffee and ready to type. Have a great day! HERS making-clipart-womanmakingcoffee

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