Daily Prompt: Climbing


Hi Everyone! Hope all is well.

  • png_Royalty-Free-RF-Clipart-Illustration-Angry-Black-Ram-Sheep-Cartoon-Mascot-Character-On-Top-Of-A-MountainClimbing to the top of that Mt. Everest,
  • Climbing the stairs at work, the elevators broke,
  • png_astronaut-on-a-strange-planetClimbing into the space shuttle,
  • Climbing out of the space shuttle,
  • jpg_Business042Climbing the corporate ladder,
  • Look at that crazy color ivy climbing up walls of that house,
  • png_Shell-vector-clip-art-imageCould you imagine yourself climbing up the ladder to trim that crazy color ivy?
  • Look at her climbing the stairs to receive her award,
  • png_cartoon_hiker_on_top_of_a_mountainHow many times have you climbed the stairs for exercise? 
  • Be cautious when climbing up those old, old, creaky steps in Auntie Leaky’s house.

Have a great day! HERS 20080121-underwood-typewriter-poster-1920s

Pictures from Bing.com & Graphics Factory.com

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