Daily Prompt: Climbing

Climbing  Hi Everyone! Hope all is well. Climbing to the top of that Mt. Everest, Climbing the stairs at work, the elevators broke, Climbing into the space shuttle, Climbing out of the space shuttle, Climbing the corporate ladder, Look at that crazy color ivy climbing up walls of that house, Could you imagine yourself climbing … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Climbing

Daily Prompt: Cranky

Cranky  Hi Everyone! Hope all is well. ME: Today the sun is out, no clouds in sight, temperature in the 50's, it's Friday, what more could you ask for? NINS: So what!! It could always change when we go out to lunch. Winds at 50 miles per hour, temperature drops to the 30's, etc, etc, … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Cranky

Daily Prompt: Measure

Measure Hi Everyone! Hope all is well. Happy Friday. Don't forget tomorrow is Earth Day! What measures are you going to do for Earth Day? Will you recycle bottles? Will you separate glass & plastic items? Will you take specific items to places that handles electric, PC, computer cords? Will you take your old phones … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Measure

Daily Prompt: Timely

Timely Hi Everyone! Hope all is well. It's time! We are running out of time. Time, time, time, where in the world is my watch? They are running the marathon in a timely manner.  Where the heck are they? They told us to me here on time. Wouldn't you think they also would be here … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Timely