Earth Day April 22, 2017

Don’t forget Earth Day Saturday April 22, 2017!

What have you done to help the earth so far for 2017?

earth day

  • png_102566-Cartoon-Clipart-Mad-Business-Woman-Yelling-Through-A-Megaphone 
  • Today is Earth Day!!
  • Recycle bottles!
  • Pick up trash on the street, in the park, on the sidewalk.
  • You love your animal, right? If you love the earth please dispose of your animal’s droppings properly.
  • Sir, sir, sir! See that trash can over there? Please deposit your eating garbage there and deposit you plastic bottle in the recycle can. The EARTH and I thank you!!!!

Keep an eye on what happens in your area not just on Earth Day but every day of the year!

Thank you EVERYONE that reads this post!

Have a great day! HERS

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Daily Prompt: Pleased


png_Cute-Little-Yeti-Cartoon-Mascot-Character-Waving-For-Greeting-With-Speech-Bubble-And-Text-Yo-VectorHi everyone! Hope all is well.

Were you pleased with the service we had for dinner? waiter-hi

orchid-flower3You have a pleased look on your face with the flowers you just received.

Are your mom and dad pleased with the grades you received last quarter? 4bdd8-boy_1_writer_auburn

WOW! I am so pleased with the picture you painted for me.jpg_cartoon_painter

Have a great day! HERS 20080121-underwood-typewriter-poster-1920s

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Daily Prompt: Unravel

Unravel png_bear_with_ball_of_red_yarn

Hi everyone! Hope all is well.

Okay! Who took the red ball of yarn? Fred? Fred where are you? 

012Okay! I see the end of my purple yarn. Isabella are you unraveling my yarn?

Okay! jpg_Pig_Crochet Gloria I see you unraveled my yellow yarn.

Okay! Who is unraveling my gold yarn? jpg_Crochet_Skunk_on_Yarn_COLMarigold is that you? Oh my gosh!
You unraveled a brand new skein of yarn.

All I have to say, animals do have their favorite colors.

Have a great day! HERS gif_bear003PR_c

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