Daily Prompt: Symptom

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Hi everyone! Hope all is well.

  • 6e768536-f367-40ea-8427-c391d424c1fbNins: Hey you don’t look so good.
  • Me: Thank you so much. Don’t mean to be rude to you, these symptoms are driving me nuts. Leaving for the day and calling my doctor to see what is happening with all these crazy symptoms in me.

Talk about sinus infections. Yes I wrote infections. It took over a year using three (3) different nasal antibiotics to help get rid of those viral symptomatic infections. png_cartoon_bird_getting_squirted_by_a_flower

jpg_earth801When outdoors do you ever get a feeling of what the heck is going on with you. Your head is so full of things you think about. Sometimes I wish I could take my head off, shake the extra stuff out, put my head back and say – WOW! Much better more organized, clear thoughts, go home and get stuff done. png_simple_girl_02

Have a great day! HERS png_cartoon_girls_017

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