Daily Prompt: Baby

Hi everyone! Hope all is well. Baby, baby, baby, baby! BABY BIRDS! BABY WHALE!   BABIES FROM AROUND THE WORLD! BABY DINOSAUR!  BABY MONKEY!  Who is your favorite baby? Have a great day! HERS  Pictures from Bing.com & Graphics Factory.com

Daily Prompt: Vivid

Hi everyone! Hope all is well. Vivid like an imagination.  Vivid like the painting I saw at the art museum. Vivid like a wild, bright yellow, orange, purple, pink, lime green, turquoise, blue - WOW!  Vivid like the movie I just saw at the show.  Vivid like scent of my new flower growing in my … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Vivid

Daily Prompt: Parlay

Daily Prompt: Parlay Hi everyone! Hope all is well. Parlay in casinos  Parlaying at car race tracks   Parlay between pirates   Parlaying at fight events Parlaying at horse race tracks WOW! Look what Nin did. She parlayed her gardening ideas with a couple of hundred dollars and ta da - she's gardening queen for our … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Parlay