Daily Prompt: Desire

Daily Prompt: DesireΒ png_brownie-v1

Hi everyone! Hope all is well today.

Have you ever desired for:

  • Brownie with strawberry with a dab of whip cream?
  • pie-clip-art-thanksgiving-pieSlice of warm apple pie with ice cream or cheese?
  • Slice of carrot cake that has 5 layers?
  • transparent-blueberry-ice-cream-sundae-clipart-png-830x946Slice of cheese cake with cherries, strawberries, blueberries or your favorite fruit on top?
  • Creating a new recipe for your pasta, salad dressing, meat or fish rub or seasoning?
  • kids-summer-clothes-clipart-kids-summer-clothes-clipart-syftjaviDesire to change your layout of your 2017 garden?
  • camera-photo-hiDesire to learn something new, interesting, totally different from what you normally do. How about learning to use a camera?
  • jpg_transportation009Learn to drive?
  • Start a blog on WordPress.com, take their fundamental courses?

I think that is enough desire for today. I know you can add many other items, choices, to 4bdd8-boy_1_writer_auburnthe list above or I know some of you already have a list of your own.

Have a great day! HERSΒ png_kid-53108-094

Pictures from Bing.com & Graphics Factory.com

Don’t forget to recycle!Β png_Smiling-Green-Recycle-Bin-Cartoon-Mascot-Character-Holding-A-Recycle-Sign-Vector

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