Daily Prompt: Doubt

Daily Prompt: Doubt cherry_cake_png_clipart

Hi everyone! Hope all is well.

Do you have the following:

  • Doubts about your personality?
  • Doubts about your looks?
  • Doubts about your clothes?
  • Doubts about home or condo?
  • Doubts about the makeup you use?
  • Doubts about the perfume, cologne, after shave you use?
  • Doubts about your friends?

Let’s see:

  • If  your personality is not vulgar, you don’t gossip or send out rummer’s about people png_102566-Cartoon-Clipart-Mad-Business-Woman-Yelling-Through-A-Megaphoneyou just met, you don’t scream at the top of your lungs when talking so the whole room, house, garden, ball room, etc  – can hear you, phone text or playing a phone game. You shouldn’t have any doubts. 
  • Looks!!!! The old saying “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. How true that is. When I meet someone the first thing I look at is their shoes.jpg_bpa0356 (I’m “bonkers” remember). No I don’t have a fetish. Looks can be deceiving.
  • Clothes: Are they clean, pressed, price tag taken off if new one. Have you ever seen someone wear something inside out so everyone can see the label they are wearing.
  • Image result for House Cleaning Lady Clip Art transparentHome or condo: This is a good one! ME! I come to see the people. To me if someone comes over and they don’t like what they see or make a comment “I see dust over there”. I say to them “here’s my polish and dusting cloth, have fun”.
  • png_Lipstick-cartoon-character-vector-imageMakeup: If what you use is helpful to your skin, you don’t worry about something like that. Now if someone walks in a room and has bright yellow lipstick, yes everyone will look, even me. But hey that should be it. You don’t need to keep on talking, staring, phone texting about it. In this day and age almost nothing surprises me.
  • png_Perfume-cartoon-character-vector-imagePerfume, cologne, after shave: WOW! OM Gosh! I have to leave the room. People do have allergies. Some scents are very, very, very strong. Too flowery. It seems now a days everyone has their own scent that doesn’t agree with them.
  • 1920-women Friends: You got to have friends – Bette Midler song. free-fashion-clip-art-1915-men-s-suits-2-vintage-fashion-graphics-PXyj4k-clipartWe all need friends to have around us through thick and thin no matter what.
    Over the years you will meet all types of people and you will learn year by year who is a true friend. 

Have a great day! HERS free-vintage-retro-lady-image

Definition from Merriam-Webster.com

Pictures from Bing.com & Graphics Factory.com

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