Daily Prompt: Hesitate

Hesitate" target="_blank">Daily Prompt: Hesitate  Hi everyone! Hope all is well. Nins: Are you asking yourself why in the heck - Hope used a person running? Hmmm! I know she is "bonkers". It must be one of those days. Hope: The runner was hesitating at the start line. She looked across the lanes and noticed she … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Hesitate

Daily Prompt: Slur

Daily Prompt: Slur  Hi everyone! Hope all is well. What did you just call me? Well you are a bbbbbbbbbbbbbblubber mouth so there!!!! Oh shoot I just got done typing the last page of my story and guess what I did? Come on, come on! Guess???? Yep! You are correct! I placed the page right on top … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Slur