Daily Prompt: Hideout

Daily Prompt: Hideoutย png_cute-little-yeti-cartoon-mascot-character-waving-for-greeting-with-speech-bubble-and-text-yo%21-vector

Hi Everyone! Hope all is well.

Hey Matilda where have you been hiding out?
Matilda’s response: Have been working extra hours lately so we can get the end of year close done.

Image result for Old Cowboy Clip Art Free transparentMe: How would you like to take a tour to see “hideouts” of famous outlaws? Do you want to take a trip this summer?
Matilda’s response: Well first of all where is it located? Image result for Western Cowboy Cartoon transparentWhat will the weather be like when we go? How many sites are in this tour? How many miles do we have to travel in-between each hideout?
Image result for free clip art bubble transparentMe: Matilda you sure know how to burst someone’s bubble.

Me: Matilda do you remember the movie or movies call theImage result for free clip art pink panther diamond transparent “Pink Panther”? Original actor was Peter Sellers, Alan Arkin, then Steve Martin. Do you remember what the “Pink Panther” was?Image result for Inspector Clouseau Pink Panther Transparent

Matilda’s response: Yes I do, it was a cartoon of a “Pink Panther” with it’s own song and everything.

Image result for free clip art Pink DiamondsMe: Matilda are you kidding me? Really, ย you don’t remember what it was? It was a huge “pink diamond”. By any chance do you remember where it was hidden?


Have a great day! HERSย 

Pictures from Bing.com & Graphics Factory.com


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