Daily Prompt: Blur

Daily Prompt: Blur ettes_caterpillar

Hi everyone! Hope all is well!

So what is going on today? Well my eyes are blurry right now. Of course it might help if I wormcleaned my glasses. AHHHH!!!! Much better.

If you wear glasses and your sight is blurry, try cleaning your glasses like I did.

Lately when the days have been sunny and of course can’t find my sunglasses, it gets a little blurry when I’m trying to drive.

It also helps if you clean your sunglasses.

Even when my eyes are blurry I can always tell when it’s time to do the dusting around the house. Have no idea where it comes from, but as soon as I get it done, within a couple of hours it’s back. Image result for free clip art dirt transparentDust is the mystery of life. Image result for free clip art Dust transparentSome day someone will come up with an answer. And it better be a good one!

Have a great day! HERS Image result for free dusting clip art transparent

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