Daily Prompt: Juicy

 Daily Prompt: Juicy Hi everyone! Hope all is well. Juicy is a good word for a lot of things: Juicy Fruit Gum   Juicy apple Juicy orange  Juicy but not so sweet grapefruit   Juicy movie or TV role Juicy and simple dinner meal, with a luscious dessert  Juicy, juicy, juicy gossip, roomers, tales of happiness, … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Juicy

Daily Prompt: Squat

Daily Prompt: Squat  Hi Everyone! Hope all is well.  Squat means to squat down and sit on a log or squatter means living on some property that doesn't belong to you, you're not paying rent and you hope no one finds you until you are ready to move. Pick your favorite "synonyms or antonyms" Synonyms … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Squat