Daily Prompt: Lukewarm

Daily Prompt: Lukewarm Image result for 60 Degree Thermometer Transparent

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  1. Lukewarm – moderately warm
  2. Image result for free clip art warm TransparentLukewarm – tepid as in bath water or coffee temperature
  3. Lukewarm – halfhearted – the play received a lukewarm response from the audience
  4. Lukewarm – I was talking so long on the phone my spaghetti & meatballs png_kid-53108-093got cold, not lukewarm, but cold – time to reheat.
  5. Lukewarm – OM Gosh! Talk about a boring, boring subject. How do you rate it? Image result for Ice Cube Clip Art transparentLukewarm, slightly cold, cold, frigid, way below zero?

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Definition from Merriam-Webster.com

Pictures from Bing.com & Graphics Factory.com

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