Daily Prompt: Tremble

Daily Prompt: TrembleΒ  Hi everyone! Hope all is well. WOW! Did you feel the road tremble? Was there an earthquake? Did you see the different quiversΒ each archer has? I didn't know they had all the different styles.Β  Do you remember the name of the toy - "Webbles Wobbles But They Don't Fall Down". Weebles is … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Tremble

Daily Prompts: Lovingly

Daily Prompt: LovinglyΒ  Hi everyone! Hope all is well. Today is 2/8/2017 - can you believe it? Just six (6) days and Valentine's Day will be here. So many couples will ask each other to get married. Pull out the "lovingly" ring to put on their surprised partner. Then it will be time to start … Continue reading Daily Prompts: Lovingly