Daily Prompt: Resist

Daily Prompt: Resist

Hi everyone! Hope all is well.

Why? Why? Why? Do you keep on tempting me you know I can’t resist you!!!! png_102580-cartoon-clipart-cute-bee-a-red-heart

Image result for free clip art women chef transparentMy friend: Wow! What is your mom cooking? I can’t resist! I can’t resist! I’m going to ask your mom for a bowl, plate, or cup of what she is cooking.

Me: My mom is cooking steak & kidneys (includes onions, carrots, beef stock, salt & pepper, flour, butter, vegetable oil) for steak & kidney pie. She is surrounded by our dogs and cat. Do you want some pie? 

steak-and-kidney-pie.jpg - Photo ©  Elaine Lemm

Steak & Kidney Pie

My friend: I don’t think so, now that I know what your mom is cooking.

It’s February, 2017 and on the 28th day the last day of “Mardi Gras”

Image result for king cakes

Kings Cake

or like me many of us call it “Fat Tuesday” or

Image result for Polish Fat Tuesday Pastry

“Paczki Day”! There is no way anyone can resist these tempting treats.


Image result for king cakes
King Cake




Image result for Paczki Day



No one can resist them. YUM! Depending on the bakery here there are multiple flavors and every bakery will have they special flavors. Some are 3 inches high with different fruits, custard, cream – to die for. 

OM Gosh! My hips just got wider writing about them.

Write it on your calendar now! 2/28/17. I’m telling you – you will not be able to RESIST these treats! 


Have a great day!  HERS Image result for fat tuesday free clip Art transparent

Pictures from Bing.com

PS: Let me know if your hips get any wider by reading this blog.

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