Daily Prompt: Oversight

Daily Prompt: Oversight png_balloon-character

Hi everyone! Hope all is well.

Have you ever worked for someone that always looks over your shoulder while your working? 

You know what to do on the project, jpg_bird_01_canarybut here comes the bosses assistant to oversee the project me and two (2) other people were working on. 

I’m so sorry you didn’t get an invitation it was an oversight on my part.

Hey you! Since when are you overseeing this department? No one informed us.jpg_bpa0356

Aren’t you tired of overseeing this department? Then they transfer you to another department to oversight their projects. Then you are transferred again. The company should give you the title “Oversight Manager” with a big bonus with all the constant changes you have to handle.

I’ve learned to png_cartoon-character-dill-with-it-pickle-vector-art!!!!

Have a great day! 


Have fun & blow bubbles for stress!



Definition from Merriam-Webster.com, pictures from Graphics Factory.com


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