Daily Prompt: Capable

Daily Prompt: Capable png_kid-53108-076

Hi Everyone! Hope all is well.

  • Sunday I am capable of taking out the garbage.
  • Monday I am capable of cleaning the cat litter.
  • Tuesday I am capable of washing & drying clothes. Image result for free clip art wash clothes transparent
  • Wednesday I am capable of cooking a delightful meal. It’s not microwave either.
  • Image result for free Animated Days of the WeekThursday I am capable of catching up on my favorite TV programs I missed last week.
  • Friday I am capable of finishing my knitting project.
  • Saturday I am capable of shopping for Image result for free clip art fruit & vegetables transparentfresh fruits & vegetables.

Now you know there is a lot more to do each day which includes my blogging which I love to do. When I miss a day or two I feel like OM Gosh! What I have missed out on? (beautiful pictures, articles, poems, information, learning. I worry if all my Blogging Blogger friends are okay. What have they been up to? 

Have a great day! HERS af2793d693a54a41850fcde7762a9207_p_400

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