Daily Prompt: Martyr

Daily Prompt: Martyr

Hi everyone! Hope all is well.

Image result for free clip art natureDo you have a friend that sort of goes over board? 

You won’t believe what happened to me? They then go on, on, on, and on!!!!

How about when you try to aid someone, Image result for free clip art daisy flowergive them helpful suggestions, ideas, try to tell them you have had a similar experience – they in turn tell you mine is nothing like that, mine is worse than what you have. I would say that is a dramatic martyr.

After awhile you get use to how they handle their situations, and when they start their tale of woe, it kind of falls on my deaf ears. Oh boy do I sound like a martyr Image result for free clip art question mark

Have a great day! HERS png_cartoon_girls_005

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