Daily Prompt: Sacred

Daily Prompt: Sacred

Hi everyone! Hope all is well.

This time of year becomes very sacred to people around the world. People will celebrate Christmas, Chanukah/Hanukkak, Kwanzaa and there are many more around the world.

Sacred has so many meanings. To you it could be religious, to a friend it could be their flower garden, a certain room in another friend’s home is sacred for their collection of books Image result for free clip art booksor art work. Image result for free clip art artist

What is sacred to you? It’s a tough thought and you really, really have to think.

You may think it has to be a super-duper, top of the hill, the -best-of-the best. 

Image result for free clip art lifeTo me it’s life!

Do you believe in “angels”? I do. person-angel-2

In case you don’t you do have more than one (1) angel.


Have a nice day! HERS Daily Prompt Urgent


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Daily Prompt: Panoply

Daily Prompt: Panoply

Hi Everyone! Hope all is well.

Okay who came up with this word? 

Okay I think I have something now – was getting worried!

Did you see that dude moved right in front of everyone in line? Boy! jpg_bpa0356Some people think they have it all.

I know it’s not nice to be wicked, BUT we were waiting in line for an hour already!

Well I guess this dude heard my comment and all of a sudden we were in the club!

Shame on me for being wicked  about him. He really wasn’t an inconsiderate panoply showboat Image result for Riverboat Clip Art after all.

Have a great day! HERS png_cartoon_girls_005

Daily Prompt: Construct

Daily Prompt: Construct

Hi Everyone! Hope all is well! 

Wow! What shall we construct today?

  1. blogs are constructed 1334930472998789175follow-my-blog-bubble-orange-svg-hi
  2. homes are constructed
  3. bridges are constructed
  4. cars, trucks, buses, trains, ships, planes are constructed
  5. A.I. are constructed
  6. humans are constructed
  7. Legos, Lincoln logs, K-nex, Mega Bloks are constructed
  8. photos, art work, Jigsaw puzzles are constructed jigsaw-puzzle-6-pieces-hi
  9. clothes, shoes, hats, gloves are constructed 11949852851552968440vestito_rosa-svg-hi
  10. Love, harmony, tenderness, sweetness, are constructed i-love-you-dad-clipart-zyck4n7te

 There are many things in the world today that are constructed. The above are only a few. All of the above are important. Pick your favorite and construct, create, build, fabricate, assemble.

Have a great day! HERS png_cartoon_girls_005

Daily Prompt: Echo

Daily Prompt: Echo

Hi everyone! Hope all is well!

echoHello! Hello! Hello! Hello! Can you hear me-me-me-me?

Are you ready, ready, ready for the holidays? echo

Happy! Happy! Happy!  EchoHolidays to you all-all-all.

Have a great day! HERS Daily Prompt Echo

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